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Courts are open from 6am Weekdays* until 9.40pm (last booking time)

and 8am on the Weekends** until 7pm (Last booking time). 

Here at Woodfield Squash Club we are very passionate about our Squash, and we are well represented across the region, having several teams, including a Ladies Team and Vets Team in the local Sheffield & District Leagues and 2 teams in the Yorkshire League Divisions.

We also have our own Club Mini League, with our members of all levels from raw beginners to the higher level of S&D and YL players playing each other in a fun and not so serious capacity, to win the most points in their league and progress to higher leagues. We currently have 9 Leagues in the Mini's, including the Premier League.

During the S&D and YL off-season, we play the 'Woodfield Ladder'. This is a fun way to keep our players active. Any player can challenge another player in their ladder up to 2 places above them. If the challenger wins, they move above their opponent. If the challenger loses, all positions stay the same.

The club welcomes all levels of squash abilities to the Open Squash sessions on Sunday Mornings at 9am. 

We also welcome non-members to come in and 'Pay & Play'. Rackets and balls are provided and included in the Court Booking Fee. Non-members can book courts either by calling one of our friendly staff on 01302 639409 or simply by just walking in***

For more information, please click on the links below.

Court Booking Fees:

Member - Maximum £8 (solo), Minimum £3 for two or more people. 40mins court time.

Non-Members (Pay & Play) - To book, either ring up or walk-in*** £10 per person per court. 40mins court time.

Our Court Opening Times are:

6am - 9.40pm Mon - Fri

8am - 7pm Sat & Sun


We also have a range of Squash Equipment such as Rackets, Court Shoes, Grips and balls available for purchase in our shop. 

Please Note:

*During the Week we may have some evening courts booked out for Our YL and S&D Matches, Squash Coaching Sessions or we have an Event or Function Booking.

**During the Weekend we may have some morning, afternoon and evening courts booked out for Squash Coaching Sessions or we have an Event or Function Booking.

***Non-members can Pay & Play at any time during the courts opening times, but must be aware that courts may not be available at that time, and we ask that they be patient and understanding, as our members book the courts online and they get busy very quickly, especially in the evenings from 4pm onwards. Our less busier times are usually early afternoons during the week.